Thanks to everyone who entered their amazing and I mean amazing designs! It was very difficult in choosing a winner Рthis is why I have took so long. But I am happy to announce that we finally have our star pupil. But before we get into that, I just want to remind you all of what this winner has achieved as a prize. So, not only will this competitions winner get a chance to meet me and film a video together but they will also win the chance of having their very own website created by my good friend in England, they are awesome guys! SEO Consultant Norwich

They will create your very own website, add all your art and make you a superstar online.

So that’s one of the prizes, yes there is more! Much more! You also win a free holiday to Germany for the weekend with the runners up! Everyones a winner! Yahooo :D

Ladies and gentle men, please give a big shout out to…. NIKITTA H from England! :D

Just look at her design guys, it’s honestly so beautiful !


Read on to find out why I picked her design

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