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“Hey, that’s pretty cool.”  – This post is sponsored by my good friends in Scotland who own their very own company! it’s pretty cool. Check them out at

Yup, that’s what I hear a lot if I am honest. People these days have forgotten real fashion. Nothing beats designer clothing than hand made, affordable, comfortable knitted clothing. I am biased yes but you get what I mean. I want to take this opportunity in this post to show you guys a few pictures of my favourite art that I have come across and made myself too. Yes, I can feel the pressure indeed. I want everyone to be honest but not too honest haha, I joke! Let me know your thoughts and feelings by sending me an email at the contact page here.

Okay guys, be nice! I want to start with something pretty simple yet very very elegant. MY GLOVES! 

Aren’t they pretty? These are perfect for the cold weather and give you such a cool feeling around your fingers when wearing them on as the fingers are pretty much free to roam around. Please excuse my man hands and freakishly large fingers… Anyway,

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