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About Me:

So guys, this is just a quick little bit of information about myself. As you know my name is Stacey Paige and I am in my twenties. I love knitting and designing my art. I studied in Birmingham and was born in Scotland. I have 3 siblings. One older brother and 2 sisters. My older brother has graduated and my other two sisters are still in school. My parents are working together with the family business and my cat is called Toby.¬†Growing up was fairly easy, we lived in a nice neighbourhood and had plenty of friends around. The weather is Scotland is much worse than down south in England. (Sorry if I have offended my fellow Scots) I love irn bru however! I studied for 3 years in art and design and then went off to actually open my own store selling paintings in Birmingham. I will be mentioning this later down the line guys :) I don’t want this blog to be all about selling my items, I want to engage with my fans and start by building a lovely cool fan base first and foremost.

I have one cat and 3 fish. We keep them in the pond in the back garden and they seem to enjoy it, it is very spacious. I have a middle name which is called Louise and my favourite colour is pink. My favourite movies include: Shutter Island, The Purge and Jurassic Park just to name a few. I love ice cream and my favourite is definitely chocolate flavoured. My favourite sports are football and tennis – I love watching Wimbledon and the champions league. I guess I am a tomboy. The teams I support in football or “soccer” for my American friends are – Liverpool & Hearts. I don’t know why, both are really random but that’s just me.
I hope this has given you a better insight into who I am and what I like to do in my life. I will be posting soon so make sure to check back every week or so!


Take care guys.