The Do’s & Doknots!


Okay, these are some important things to remember, but this isn’t a lesson like school, so go grab a coffee and relax for this one guys.

Follow this site for a deeper understanding if you would like РThey offer classes too

Learning online. Would I do it? yes, should you do it? yes indeed. I would think it’s best to learn over Youtube as mentioned previously or even take online classes via Skype. Not only will you be able to ask questions but also master the technique in no time. The lessons are fairly cheap so I would jump into it asap! Remember, there is no harm is saying you need help. It is the way we grow and become better in any aspect of life.

Don’t worry about failure; you only have to be right once – Drew Houston.

I love this quote and it is very true! Okay guys now let’s get down to business: the do’s & do knots when it comes to knitting. See what I done there?

  1. Dropped stitch
  2. Extra stitches
  3. Twisted stitches
  4. Tension is too tight.

Now, luckily for you guys, I can show you exactly how to fix these common errors. Simply click on this link here; or even watch the video below:

So there you go, keep these tips in mind guys and always remember, it will take a while to be good and even longer to be great! Keep at it and let me know in email, what you think about the blog so far please. Email me