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Hi guys, welcome to my blog called The Knittin Needle. My name is Sarah Paige and I am here because of my love for knitting. I know, it’s not the most exciting hobby to many people, well, maybe not to half the world. (Insert laughter) But I sure love it. I decided to write this blog so I could share with you guys my favourite type of knitting, a brief history of knitting and basically why I love to do it.

I am going to explore the world of knots and strings and hopefully, by reading more and more of my blog you guys eventually begin picking up those tools and begin knitting a scarf! Before we begin, I just want to let everyone know I am not an old lady who lives with 10 cats and knits all day! Quite the opposite. I am only 22 but love to do this and my goal is to make you guys appreciate the art of knitting as much as possible. Let me start by telling you a little about what made me fall in love with this sport and yes, I believe this is a sport. My mother would always push me to learn the violin or guitar at school as she was very keen on learning new skills. One day, I was eating dinner and I am sure it was noodles and I began playing with my food. I turned something edible into art – from this point on I knew I had a real skill in something so cool! A lot of people grow up wanting to be great at football if they are boys or for the girls, cheerleaders but for me it was to be the William Shakespeare of thread. I know that sounds a bit cringe but I love what I do and that is all that matters.

Okay, so I feel I went off topic there. So my main reason as to why I love knitting is based on how peaceful and calm it makes you feel. It’s soothing and relaxes your mind. Close your eyes and picture the masterpiece in your head and let your hands make the magic appear. It allows you to be so creative. I will be running a few competitions throughout this blog so make sure you are always keeping up to date with the latest posts. I will be giving away prizes too and a chance to win a guide on how to knit for absolute beginners. I want to be loyal to my fans and show them appreciation with every post I do. You guys are my biggest fans, so I need to put on a show. I hope you love my designs and always send me feedback, please. Oh yeah, if you want me to start a youtube channel, please let me know what you would me to do by emailing me at the contact page.

I like to speak through my art and if it makes you feel warm in the winter with my wooly hats, then all the more reason to keep going. I hope you guys enjoy reading my first post and send me as many emails as possible on things you would like me to discuss.

Thanks guys, speak soon!


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