The “Method” To Learn

My Step by step guide


I learned from this website here guys:

  • Be careful
  • Have a plan written down
  • Be set to fail
  • Don’t give up

These are my top rules above. Follow the guide guys and also keep my top tips in mind too. You will fail every now and again but don’t give up. Hard work pays off.


As you can see by following these simple steps, you will be on your way to becoming a master of the trade. Eventually, I want to see you guys opening shops, designing page and selling your beautiful art. A couple of important factors to take away from this blog post are; number one, always make sure you have a parent around if you are trying to learn this at a young age, number two, make sure you are using good quality tools and that you are familiar with the sharp pointy ends. Safety is vital and extremely important.

Number three, take it slow and easy. There is no need to rush anything, I want you guys to be confident and happy while learning and not thinking it is a bore or even a drag.

The final point on this topic would be don’t give up. Even with all the injuries to your fingers (which is a lot when starting out) just maintain composure and handle business.