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My Art!


“Hey, that’s pretty cool.”  – This post is sponsored by my good friends in Scotland who own their very own company! it’s pretty cool. Check them out at

Yup, that’s what I hear a lot if I am honest. People these days have forgotten real fashion. Nothing beats designer clothing than hand made, affordable, comfortable knitted clothing. I am biased yes but you get what I mean. I want to take this opportunity in this post to show you guys a few pictures of my favourite art that I have come across and made myself too. Yes, I can feel the pressure indeed. I want everyone to be honest but not too honest haha, I joke! Let me know your thoughts and feelings by sending me an email at the contact page here.

Okay guys, be nice! I want to start with something pretty simple yet very very elegant. MY GLOVES! 

Aren’t they pretty? These are perfect for the cold weather and give you such a cool feeling around your fingers when wearing them on as the fingers are pretty much free to roam around. Please excuse my man hands and freakishly large fingers… Anyway,

In order to perfect this, it took months of training and I actually followed this video on YouTube. I study a lot from there as I feel it’s easier to learn by watching.

If you want to learn, I wouldn’t recommend reading books, simply because It can be very difficult to follow still pictures. A video will always be more beneficial. Think about it, if you can pause, rewind and stop and then analyse the movements – videos are the best way forward. I like to start every design by first drawing out what I want to create on a piece of paper. It is weird but very beneficial in my opinion. You want to have a direction and a guideline to move in. Remember guys, it’s not about being a professional from day one. It will take a very long time to become an expert so right now, let’s just focus on having fun!


If you have any cool ideas you would like me to do, let me know and also share my page on Facebook please too. Down below in the blue picture, is something I have worked on for a while. I went out my comfort zone and created gloves covering all fingers. Yes, that is right all five fingers! I will be creating a lot of funky new designs or as I like to call it “art.” be honest guys, are these pretty cool? I want to do things outside my box and just go out there. My ideal situation is creating knitted clothing for huge fashion outlets. Ah, I am a dreamer indeed! I want to become a celebrity and open my own store one day. I will always keep you guys in my heart haha!. Enjoy the art!

folded-hands-987629_1920  gloves-1601400_1920